Winter-fishing - ice-fishing

in the archipelago of Turku - Finland

Ice fishing for perch, pike perch, pike and burbot  in the archipelago of Turku You have immediately access to the best fishing waters in the outer archipelago.

winterfishing - ice fishing

pilkki-mistä - pilkkimine

isfiske - vinterfiske  

Rent a Winter cottage 
well equipped cottage close to the icefishing area in the outer archipelago. 
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wintercottage  vintersportstuga  talvimökki  WinterHaus


Winter fishing (February - March)

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Winter-season; December - March

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Berghamn view 180º 

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Fishing through the ice is the most popular form of winterfishing. In Finland, angling and ice fishing are public rights and no permit is required.


Travelling fishermen will hopefully start taking advantage of the superb opportunities for icefishing that are on offer in Finland during the winter. Icefishing for perch, pike perch, pike and burbot is possible all along the Archipelago.


The few restrictions that do exist in Berghamn concern certain protected water areas containing salmon-farm area, the 50-metre protective zones around fixed nets and ice roads, and areas around private homes.

Photo: Inguar Karlsson-Parra

Special  offer 

rent a well equipped cottage with own pier close to the icefishing area in the outer archipelago - Berghamn!



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We will give you the choice to enjoying a complete peace and privacy. The Archipelago is a unique travel destination situated in the island area in south west of Finland. Enjoying the nature. Sportfishing, sportangling, winterfishing and sauna

The cottages offers suitable accommodation for every fisherman, groups and individual travellers.

The technique for ice angling may seem strange at first. The main difference from summer fishing is that you fish vertically through the ice, rather than casting a lure out on the horizontal. First, a small hole is bored into the ice cover. The water visible through the hole is then cleaned of ice skim. The lure is allowed to drop almost to the bottom by letting out the line. Fish are lured to the bait by gently jerking the rod. In clear water, fish are able to spot a lure from dozens of metres away. 

The possible disadvantages of icefishing include the need to wear suitable clothing, the excessive distances between where you are staying and where you can fish, or even a complete lack of suitable accommodation.

In Berghamn - the outer archipelago of Turku - you can rent a well equipped cottage with own pier close to the icefishing area in the archipelago

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cottage "Hamnholm" in Berghamn/Archipelago of Turku


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